A Quick Review of XGIMI Horizon (Not the Pro)

I pre-ordered XGIMI Horizon (not the pro version) back in May. Finally got it delivered today right before July 4th holiday.

The size is basically what I would expect. It has a tripod socket at the bottom but it just looks ugly when it is installed on a tripod.

The set up is quick, standard android TV stuff. The auto-adjust and focus are also quite smooth. However, neither Netflix nor HBOMax works. I can install these two apps and login and find the videos I want to play. Then Netflix showed a message that this device is not supported. HBOMax just crashed as soon as the video started. Is this device too new to be registered with these apps? Fortunately, the device does have a built-in Chromecast. I ended up playing a movie using my iOS HBOMax and casting it to XGIMI.

And by the way, the remote control does not come with batteries. Good luck getting some from your other remotes.

Let’s Call It a New Year Resolution of 2021

It’s already June 2021 when I decided to write these down. It’s still “early” 2021.

  • Write something down on this website at least once a week. Anything is fine.
  • Walk/Scoot/Bike at least half an hour a day with the kid
  • Increase vocabulary to 12k
  • Ride my OneWheel to 500 miles
  • Feel more hunger than “food coma”
  • Feel more sweaty than “AC comfort”
  • Learn a new physical challenge: motorcycle, climbing, anything that requires physical training
  • Control the anxiety during weekdays
  • 107 License

What is 0x5218

“Liu” is my family name. It is the fourth most common surname in Mainland China shared by ~68M people (2019). The unicode value of the simplified Chinese character “刘” is 0x5218.